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The George Washington Carver House’s Autumn Festival
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To empower the community through service and leadership


George Washington Carver House Mission is to enhance the quality of life for residents in its service area.

Carver programs and services are targeted to focus on the assets of the family.

Carver offers program to improve life skils, increase family economic development and to promote the general well being of families.


We Will Treat Others Like We Want To Be Treated
We Will Accept Personal Accountablitity and Responsibility
We Will Collaborate and Partner with Others
We Will Honor Our Commitments
We Will Value Innovation and Learning
We Will Act as Agents of Change
We Will Serve the Community

George Washington Carver was a humanitarian, scientist, artist and educator. Dr. Carver is known for the hundreds of food, household and industrial products that he invented from plants such as the peanut. He developed the Jesup Agriculture Wagon, a school on wheels to assist poor black farmers in the south develop techniques to replenish the soil; improve their crop yield and to teach them home economics. He was committed to helping other and in the words of George Washington Carver, “It is service that counts.” Like Dr. George Washington Carver, Carver House exists to serve humanity and make a difference in the lives of those whom we serve.

Carver House was founded in 1935 as a branch of Wesley House Corporation; a 100-year old church based settlement house located in old North St. Louis, MO. The Branch originally known as Wesley House No. 2 was established to serve the rapidly growing African American population that had settled in the area. In 1943, the center was renamed George Washington Carver House in honor of the famous African American scientist and inventor
The federal Works Progress Administration (W.P.A.) sponsored the agency’s first programs in 1937. The W.P.A. supported a recreational program for youth and an occupational training program for young African American women. The programs were under the direction of Ralph T. Young, a government supervisor. Mr. Young became the first Executive Director of Carver House, a position that he held for 40 years. Under his leadership, Carver House developed youth clubs, organized team sports, leadership programs, a day care and other, then innovative, community based human service programs, i.e. community health education, political awareness and savings and investment clubs to facilitate economic empowerment. These programs provided a safe, productive and enriching environment for thousands of youth for over 50 years. Carver ended as a branch of Wesley House in 1972 and in that same year, both Carver and Wesley became associated members of Consolidated Neighborhood Services Inc. (C.N.S.I.). Subsequently, C.N.S.I. closed Carver House because of budget constraints attributed to decreasing federal revenues. One paid staff person and neighborhood volunteers then provided services. Carver was no longer a focal point for the community that it served for almost 50 years. Unfortunately, the closing of Carver House came at a time when youth violence, drug abuse and drug sales were on the rise. In 1986, Carver dissolved its membership with C.N.S.I. and with the support of the United Way of Greater St. Louis, reopened its doors a year later as an independent agency.

Over the years, Carver House has dedicated itself to responding to the community’s needs by providing quality programs and services that have helped thousands of our fellow citizens to reach new heights of accomplishment. Thousands of Carver House participants were encouraged and talents nourished by the staff and volunteers of Carver House. Carver continues to work at nourishing and enriching the lives of those who reside within its general service area. The Center today operates as a multi-service community center providing services and programs to promote the development of healthy families and youth.

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